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OPP Open Wifi

OPP Open Wifi Bounty campaign

About OPP Open Wifi Ended

Date: 24.07.2018 - 27.10.2018

Token Details:

  • Coin types: Erc20
  • Ticker: OPP
  • Categories: Other
  • Hard Cap: 40,000,000 $
  • Bitcointalk bounty: Topic Link
  • Bounty budget: 2,920,000 OPP
  • Percent bounty: 2%
  • Bounty distribution: After ico


You will receive OPP token for performing bounty program activities. Bounties will be distributed throughout the Bounty Program assuming the task has been deemed complete by the OPP Open Wifi team.
Within 5 weeks of the completion of the token sale all bounties will be distributed.
For support and questions on the bounty campaign please contact us at
The translation campaign is the only bounty campaign that requires permission from OPP Open Wifi.
Please email and put “Translation” in the subject line to receive approval to proceed. 
OPP Open Wifi reserves the right to alter the rules of the program to best serve the development and sustainability of the OPP Open Wifi Platform.
We do not tolerate swearing, behavior other bad behavior and participants found to be engaging in bad behavior; will be disqualified. All content must be handled in a professional manner.
Rewards will be confirmed after report submission at the end of each week.
We will send out tokens as quickly as possible with all bounties being sent to your 
Ethereum wallet within 5 weeks of the close of the token sale.
Reporting forms will open at 6PM UTC every Friday and close at 4AM UTC every Monday

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Bitcointalk 24.07.2018 - 14.09.2018

Avatar, personal text and signature codes here: Topic Link

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

To qualify for rewards in this bounty, you must complete two posts and 5 replies on BitcoinTalk each week that you participate. 
The signature of your member level must also be held until the end of the bounty on October 27th, 2018. 
For posts to qualify, you must select from one of the following options:
-Ask questions about OPP Open Wifi
-Talk about why you participated in the OPP Open Wifi Token Sale or encourage others to participate
-Compare OPP Open Wifi with other Token Sales and why OPP Open Wifi would be better
-Any other value adding post about OPP Open Wifi
-Posts must be relevant and constructive, should contain over 50 words (or 25 for a reply), and must not be spam or low quality.
Rewarded OPP stakes will be posted in the tracking spreadsheet within 7 days after a reporting period.
OPP Open Wifi holds discretion on what posts will or won’t be rewarded.
Accounts with negative trust ratings will not be rewarded.
Posts must be within the following Boards to qualify:
Bitcoin: Bitcoin Discussion / Development & Technical Discussion / Mining / Technical Support / Project Development
Economy: Economics / Marketplace / Trading Discussion
Altcoins: Altcoin Discussion / Announcements / Mining / Marketplace / Speculation
All languages are allowed, but please use english when writing your reports. 


Jr Member - 1 stake per week
Member - 2 stakes per week
Full Member - 3 stakes per week
Sr Member - 4 stakes per week
Hero - 5 stakes per week
Legendary - 6 stakes per week

Facebook 24.07.2018 - 27.10.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

To be eligible for the Facebook Campaign, you must first like and follow our FB page here. To earn stakes, you can like and share up to 3 posts per week. You can also write up to two constructive replies on one of our FB page posts. You must have at least 200 friends on your profile or page to be eligible. Accounts who appear to be too new or bot accounts will be disqualified.
Every participant will be screened.


200+ friends - 1 Stake per reply or share
1000+ friends - 2 Stakes per reply or share
3000+ friends - 3 Stakes per reply or share
10000+ friends - 4 Stakes per reply or share
25,000+ friends - 5 Stakes per reply or share

Twitter 24.07.2018 - 27.10.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

In order to be eligible for the Twitter Campaign, you must first follow our Twitter @OPPOpenWiFi here. Participants in the Twitter Campaign can like and retweet up to 5 twitter posts per week. The following rules also apply:
-You must also include two of the following hashtags: #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #blockchain #altcoin #sharingeconomy #startup
-You must also tag at least one influencer in the Cryptocurrency Space using the @: This can include youtubers, journalists, ICO reviews, news sites, and any other relevant influencers. Tags must be unique for every post.
-All profiles will be screened for quality, accounts with fake followers will be disqualified.


100+ followers - 1 Stake per retweet and like
500+ followers - 2 Stakes per retweet and like
1000+ followers - 3 Stakes per retweet and like
3000+ followers - 4 Stakes per retweet and like
5000+ followers - 5 Stakes per retweet and like
10000+ followers - 6 Stakes per retweet and like
25000+ followers - 7 Stakes per retweet and like

Telegram 24.07.2018 - 27.10.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

Users can earn 50 OPP tokens for joining the OPP Open Wifi Telegram channel here. To be eligible for the airdrop rewards, you must remain in the telegram until the end of the token sale on October 27th, 2018.


50 OPP tokens

Reddit 24.07.2018 - 27.10.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

-Share up to 3 posts per week with links to OPP Open Wifi content on the subreddits outlined below. Posts must be link shares and participants must have 1000+ karma in order to participate. Stakes will be evaluated depending on the number of upvotes a post receives.
-You can share links on the following subreddits: r/cryptomarkets r/cryptocurrency r/cryptocurrencies r/cryptocurrencynews r/altcoin r/icocrypto


0-4 upvotes - 1 Stake
5-9 upvotes - 3 Stakes
10-20 upvotes - 5 Stakes
20+ upvotes - 10 Stakes

Translation 24.07.2018 - 27.10.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

OPP Open Wifi will reward for translations of the Whitepaper, Website, Bounty Thread, and Ann Thread. Translations must be original, made by the user, and high quality. Use of google translate will result in disqualification from the bounty.


Whitepaper - 50 stakes
Website - 25 stakes
Bounty or Ann Thread - 25 stakes 
(Plus 0-50 extra stakes by discretion for activity in threads)

Content, Blog, and Media Publication 24.07.2018 - 27.10.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

OPP Open Wifi will reward writers, content creators, and publishers with OPP tokens for creating quality content. 
Content can take many forms and be distributed through many channels, such as, media publications, journals, blogs, video, and more.
The content must be original, contain more than 600 words (or 60 seconds if a video), and must contain a link to
In order to receive a higher quality score, the article must contain at least 1 additional link to one of OPP Open Wifi’s social media channels (FB, Twitter, BitcoinTalk Bounty or Ann Thread).
Blogging platforms like Medium, Steemit, Wordpress sites, etc are allowed, but a 3 post per person maximum will apply.
OPP Open Wifi will exercise discretion around what will qualify; all content is open to evaluation.


0-100 Stakes will be rewarded per article

Discretionary 24.07.2018 - 27.10.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

Discretionary Tokens will be set aside and awarded for random tasks or user contributed content throughout the bounty. Items that may fall under the discretionary bounty is content that doesn’t fit into another bounty, contributed media like telegram stickers, or any other contributions. Be sure to email the bounty manager at for discretionary items.

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