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ÕpetFoundation Bounty campaign

About ÕpetFoundation Ended

Date: 14.06.2018 - 14.07.2018

Token Details:

  • Coin types: Erc20
  • Ticker: OPET
  • Categories: Blockchain Service Blockchain Social or Social Network
  • Hard Cap: 60,000 ETH
  • Bitcointalk bounty: Topic Link
  • Bounty budget: 10,000 OPET
  • Bounty distribution: After ico


Õpet is an intelligent AI companion chatbot designed to help secondary students with their exam revision. Covering the entire GCSE "O" and "A" Level curriculum, Õpet is an effective, affordable and convenient digital private tutor to help students revise effectively for their exams.
Õpet seeks to deliver sophisticated conversations to help expand students’ horizons. Through continuous engagement, Õpet will record all information relevant and useful to college admission processes securely and accurately on the blockchain - like users’ interests, preferences, academic progress, records of extra-curricular activities, testimonies, and even personality profiling using the University of Cambridge’s unique personality profiling tool.
We are bringing AI recommendation engine technologies used in YouTube, Netflix and Spotify into the education space. Our powerful and adaptive recommendation engine will then recommend educational and job opportunities that are relevant to our users in ways you won’t even imagine.



Õpetcoin Crypto Economics


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1. One user can participate only with one account. In case that we note any double-registrations, duplicate accounts (except the initial one) will be permanently banned from the campaign.
2. A total of 10 000 of OPET Tokens will be allocated to the Bounty Pool.
3. The reward will be paid in ETH equivalent after the bounty campaign end or after the creation of 30 videos.
4. To participate in the Bounty campaign, you must be at least 18 years old.
5. Bounty telegram channel:

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

  •  1. Duration should not be less than 2 minutes of actual content.
  •  2. Content should be original and high quality.
  •  3. You must have at least 200 subscribers on youtube channel.
  •  5. Stakes will be allotted on the basis of the quality and audience of the video.
  •  6. Video should not be removed from the channel before ICO end.
  •  7. Join to
  •  Effort: Only 1 video per week per account is allowed
  • YouTube campaign Report Example
  • Youtube URL: *URL to your video*


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  • 200+ Subscribers      -   50 Stakes
  • 500+ Subscribers      -   75 Stakes
  • 1k+ Subscribers        -   150 Stakes
  • 5k+ Subscribers        -   200 Stakes
  • 10k+ Subscribers      -   300 Stakes
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