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XiWATT Баунти кампания

О кампании XiWATT Завершена

Дата: 12.02.2018 - 31.05.2018


  • Протокол: Erc20
  • Ticker: XIW
  • Категории: Инфраструктура Другое


What Is XiWATT ?

XiWATT is a platform that enables individuals and communities to crowdfund, co-own, and trade renewable energy assets. It’s an online ecosystem that connects developers, investors, and customers seamlessly to each other with distinct benefits to each stakeholder. XiWATT makes renewable energy accessible to anyone, regardless of location or living circumstances.

Core Applications

The platform consists of a number of applications that collectively provide a comprehensive solution. Below are the three primary applications that make up the core of the platform.

Launch Green

  • Launch Green is where renewable energy projects (“Sectors”) get organized and funded by eligible participants, allowing anyone to co-own renewable energy assets.
  • Sectors are large-scale renewable energy projects (> 1 MW installed capacity). Sectors are crowdfunded by XiWATT users in a manner that resembles a mini-ICO. The energy produced by each Sector is not directly consumed by the crowdfunding participants, but rather tokenized and credited to them on an ongoing basis as the sector continues to generate power.
  • The Sector model can be used in any setting to navigate the intricate local laws and regulations in coordination with utilities, making renewable energy investment possible regardless of location or living circumstances.

Cloud Net Metering

Cloud Net Metering is an application that will allow any user to pay their electricity bill via energy credits produced by their ownership of off-site renewable energy (i.e. Sectors). This can be done regardless of their utility provider via a 3rd party billing system created by XiWATT.

WATT Marketplace

  • The WATT Marketplace is a secure space for buying and selling existing portions of installed renewable energy assets (i.e. Sector tokens).
  • By tokenizing energy assets, individuals can reap the benefits of co-owning a renewable energy asset while also having the ability to liquidate at will. This is facilitated via the WATT Exchange; an open marketplace where users can buy and sell tokenized renewable energy assets.

XIW Token Model

Developers require XIW tokens to bid on renewable energy projects and can primarily acquire them from customers in exchange for price discounts and other beneficial terms for the customer.

The XIW token model will establish a barter economy between customers and renewable energy project developers, where the tokens will serve as bargaining chips for customers to negotiate better deals with developers.

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  • You can reserve a translation by filling Google Form link, but if you did not translated your content (based on registration time), your reservation is over and another participant can take it from you.
  • We are only looking for translations in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Turkish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic.
  • Once you have reserved an ANN thread translation, this reservation is valid for 2 days.
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Trusted Translators List
I work with a team of perpetual translators, who have proven that is it worthwhile to work with them. To save time and be sure about content translation quality, slots are reserved for those people.
You can find a list of those perpetual translators here:
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If you don't see a backup translator for your language, you can now become a backup translator! Send me a PM with all your past work and I will see if you can be added to the list.


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75%: Articles Campaign
25%: YouTube Campaign

How to participate in the Article:

Send a PM to manager with the following informations. Your PM title will have to be "XiWATT Articles Campaign Application".

Bitcointalk username:
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If your website is eligible for this campaign, I will reply you with a positive answer.
Then, you will be asked to write your article. After my review, your article will be added to our private articles campaign spreadsheet.

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Articles Campaign: 75%

  • Create high quality articles about XiWATT on crypto specific blogs, Medium, Steemit etc.
  • Stakes earned depending on quality reviewed by XiWATT team:
    • Rejected0 stakes
      • Does not include enough information or is inaccurate
    • Low quality100 stakes
      • General overview of site and project
    • Medium quality200 stakes
      • Overview and review of site, project and whitepaper
    • High quality300 stakes
      • Full project presentation, comments from founders / Telegram group and comparison with other projects


YouTube Campaign: 25%

  • 2000+  subscribers will get 50 stakes
  • 4000+  subscribers will get 100 stakes
  • 8000+  subscribers will get 150 stakes
  • 16000+ subscribers will get 200 stakes
  • Note: 25 bonus stakes each 1500 views

Quality of the video will be reviewed by XiWATT team:

  • Low quality video50% stakes
    • Basic project presentation, navigating through XiWATT website and speaking on camera
  • Medium quality video100% stakes
    • Full project presentation with call to action, whitepaper review.
  • High quality video150% stakes
    • Full project presentation with graphics, interview with the projects founders, comparison to other power-blockchain related projects

Influencers 30.03.2018 - 30.04.2018


This campaign is for participants who have unique and thrilling ideas to promote XiWATT. Fill the Google Form link and we will contact you to cooperate with you regarding the custom marketing and advertisements!

For example: Webmasters who own websites with large audiences can earn stakes by displaying XiWATT ads and driving qualified traffic to 

Social Media Follow 30.03.2018 - 30.04.2018


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