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Cryptobots Баунти кампания

О кампании Cryptobots Завершена

Дата: 01.02.2018 - 01.03.2018


  • Протокол: Erc20
  • Ticker: ETH
  • Категории: Игры Другое



You need to register at and get your personal CryptoBots username
If you have already signed up, please post your weekly reports on this thread every Friday with your:
1. CryptoBots username 
2. Dates and URL links to each of your posts for verification and count
In the related spreadsheets, you can see all the confirmed records which we will count. You can check this every Monday.

Поделиться в:

Facebook feed

Аватар, персональный текст и код подписи здесь: Ссылка на тему

Правила и условия:

We are looking for active BitcoinTalk users to help spread the word about our game. Participants need to post 10 quality posts a week. 
The post should be more than 100 letters long,
(код для вставки signature на bitcointalk)

It is prohibited to use several signatures at the same time.
It is prohibited to change your signature during the Signature Campaign.

Users will receive an additional 0,02 ETH per week for changing their profile picture to the CryptoBots logo.
You can see your balance in the BitcoinTalk spreadsheet


Jr. Member      0.015 ETH
Member      0.02 ETH
Full Member   0.05 ETH
Sr. Member    0.08 ETH
Hero/Legendary   0.12 ETH


Post about CryptoBots and earn tokens on Facebook 
1. Like and follow our group at
2. Post about CryptoBots. 

Правила и условия:

You must like and follow the CryptoBots Facebook page. (
You need to put the hashtag #cryptobots in all your posts.
Your posts and friends/followers must be public.
To be counted, users must re-post at least 4 of the CryptoBots official account’s postings and write 4 posts about the CryptoBots project with the #cryptobots hashtag and any image inserted.
The maximum amount of posts to qualify for this bounty is 4 posts per week. 
The maximum amount of posts to qualify for this bounty is 1 posts per day.
If you re-post, you must put the link to your post, not ours, in the thread.
You can see your balance in the Facebook spreadsheet.


> Friends/Followers 1000   0.03 ETH
> Friends/Followers 500   0.015 ETH
> Friends/Followers 250   0.005 ETH


Tweet or re-tweet posts on Twitter containing ALL of the following hashtags: #cryptobots #ethereum.
1. Follow our account on Twitter at
2. Tweet or re-tweet content from or about the official account.

Правила и условия:

You must be our page follower.
Your account must be at least 3 months old.
Only tweets containing all of the listed hashtags qualify.
To participate in the Twitter bounty, users must re-tweet at least 4 of any of the CryptoBots official account’s tweets, and post 4 tweets about the CryptoBots project with the #cryptobots hashtag.
You can qualify for this bounty with a maximum of 4 tweets and 4 re-tweets per week. Re-tweets must be re-tweeted from the official CryptoBots channel. 
The maximum amount of tweets or re-tweets to qualify for this bounty is 1 per day. 
You can see your balance in the Twitter spreadsheet.


Rewards for Tweets      
> 100k Followers   0.03 ETH      
> 50k Followers    0.015 ETH      
> 10k Followers    0.005 ETH      
> 5k Followers    0.0025 ETH      
> Followers 1000   0.001 ETH      
> Followers  500   0.0005 ETH      

Rewards for Re-Tweets
> 100k Followers   0.015 ETH
> 50k Followers    0.07 ETH
> 10k Followers    0.003 ETH
> 5k Followers    0.002 ETH
> 1000 Followers 0.0006 ETH
> 500 Followers   0.0003 ETH


Rules for posting or commenting about CryptoBots:
Your account should have a minimum of 50 posts and 200 comment karma.
Posts and comments with negative karma do not qualify.
For a post to be counted, it needs to be posted in relevant subreddits for the ICO, such as r/bitcoin, r/cryptocurrency, r/ethereum, r/ethtrader.


Reward for Post Upvotes      
> 1000   0.07 ETH      
>  500    0.035 ETH      
>  250    0.025  ETH      
>  100    0.011 ETH      
>   50     0.006 ETH      
>   35     0.0025 ETH      
>   20     0.0015 ETH      
>   10     0.001 ETH         
>    5      0.0005 ETH         

Reward for Comment Upvotes
> 1000     0.03 ETH
>  500      0.015 ETH
>  100      0.006 ETH
>   50       0.002 ETH
>   30       0.0015 ETH
>   20       0.001 ETH
>   10      0.0005 ETH


Follow our Medium at and applaud our posts. 
Create a story on your profile about CryptoBots.
This is a one time offer.


Правила и условия:

1. Your Medium account must be original. No fake, bot, or dead accounts.
2. Your account must have at least 50 followers and it must be active and regular.
3. Your account must be open as a Public Profile.

We welcome you to blog about CryptoBots! Your blog can be published anywhere on the internet that is publicly accessible and it can be written in any language.

1. Must have 1000 characters or more without spaces.
2. Must contain at least 2 links to
3. Must have unique content (eg: ANN translations do not count).
4. Plagiarism is prohibited (including translations). Offenders will be banned.
Once you write a blog post, submit the URL to: Blog Entries.
You can see a list of accepted blog posts here:  

Requirements for YouTube videos and video sharing:
Minimum of 2 videos and maximum of 4 videos
Channel must be at least 1 month old
Videos must be more than 1 min long
Video description must contain a link to
Videos that do not have a human voice-over will only receive half the bounty listed. 
The video must tell about the project, the way it works, or talk about your personal experience playing the game.

You can see your balance in the Blog:  spreadsheet.

We will divide blogs into three different categories. You should fill out this form and we will qualify it. 


Basic - 0.04 ETH
Medium - 0.12 ETH
ExtraOrdinary - 0.3 ETH

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