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TrigID Bounty campaign

About TrigID Ended

Date: 01.07.2018 - 03.09.2018

Token Details:

  • Coin types: Erc20
  • Ticker: ID
  • Categories: Other
  • Hard Cap: 30,000,000 $
  • Bitcointalk bounty: Topic Link
  • Bounty budget: 1,000,000 ID
  • Bounty distribution: After ico


TrigID is a revolutionary new cryptographic technology. The TrigID project is building a blockchain-resident database of 7.6 billion people, crowdsourced using cryptographic tokens. It's the first digital identity system to solve non-digital (i.e. real world) identity problems.
By participating in this program you'll earn stakes in this 1,000,000 token bounty pool.
You'll also be helping to make the world a better place. How? TrigID is helping to make terrorism and crime more difficult. It's helping reduce the cost of healthcare and doing something about the 250,000+ people who die from medical errors each year in the US alone. It's giving a free banking identity to the three billion people in the world who live daily on less than three dollars a day. And it's helping to make identity theft a thing of the past.

? As a bounty hunter, you must join both the TrigID and TrigID BountyTelegram Channels.
? Each campaign has its own Google Form.  You must register your entry to a campaign using the appropriate form.  You also need to post your entry to our Bitcointalk Bounty thread(URL) as Proof of Authentication.
? You must submit the required daily or weekly reports of activity within the week that activity is performed.
? You can contact the Bounty Manager via the Bitcointalk Bounty thread (URL) or by using the TrigID BountyTelegram Channel.
? Stakes will be finalized following the completion of the Bounty Program.
? Tokens will be airdropped two weeks after the token sale has completed.
? We reserve the right to invoke a minimum participation provision if there are too few participants in any campaign.  This provision substitutes one ID token for each stake in that campaign.
? We reserve the right to disqualify any entry from any campaign if:
1. You use a bot, post duplicates, use multiple accounts, otherwise act in bad faith or cheat in any other way. Such behaviour will result in your removal from the campaign.
2. Our legal advisors tell us that we must.  Reasons may include, but are not limited to, deceptive, misleading or libellous entries. 
3. Your entry does not meet the minimum requirements for that bounty week. In such circumstances you may still participate during subsequent bounty weeks.
4. If any of your claims or reports to us are shown to be fraudulent.

Each bounty week runs from Sunday to Saturday.  The first Bounty Week will commence Sunday July 1st.

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Bitcointalk 01.07.2018 - 03.09.2018

Avatar, personal text and signature codes here: Topic Link

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

1. You must be ranked as Member at a minimum in order to wear our signature.
2. You must submit your entry on the first day of the bounty week for it to be accepted.
3. You must at least make 20 posts every bounty week wearing our signature or else your entry for that bounty week will be disqualified.
4. Posting in the following sections (AND ALL OF THEIR SUB/CHILD BOARDS) will not be eligible for the bounty. These sections are: Marketplace; Off Topic; Archival; Marketplace (Altcoins)
5. Poor quality posts such as "Hello", "Good Luck", "This project rules", and other inadequate posts will not be considered as an entry for the bounty.
6. Each valid entry must contain a minimum of 100 characters and you must wear the signature when making it.
7. Bounty Hunters with red trust scores may not participate in this campaign
8. You're no eligible for this campaign if you have multiple accounts.
9. If you leave us for another campaign, you must notify and receive acknowledgement from the Bounty Manager or all of your entries will be forfeited.


Member: 2 Stakes per week
Full Member: 4 Stakes per week
Senior Member: 6 Stakes per week
Hero Member: 8 Stakes per week
Legendary Member: 12 Stakes per week

Facebook 01.07.2018 - 03.09.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

1. Bounty Hunters must share and like TrigID's posts.
2. Bounty Hunters who duplicate any entry will be disqualified unless you notify the Bounty Hunter immediately of the mistake.
3. Only two entries per account per bounty week will be counted towards a stake. 
4. We reserve the right to invalidate any entry that doesn't meet the required standards.


100 - 500 Friends = 2 Stake per Share/Like
501 - 1,000 Friends = 4 Stake per Share/Like
1,001 - 2,000 Friends = 6 Stake per Share/Like
2,001 - 3,000 Friends = 8 Stakes per Share/Like
3,001 - 4,000 Friends = 10 Stakes per Share/Like
4,001 - 5,000 Friends = 12 Stakes per Share/Like

Twitter 01.07.2018 - 03.09.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

1. Bounty Hunters must share and like TrigID's posts.
2. Bounty Hunters must follow the Official Twitter Account of TrigID (@TrigIDorg).
3. Twitter accounts with fewer followers than declared will be ruled ineligible.
4. Duplicate entries will be invalidated - even if they occur in different bounty weeks.
5. Only five tweets and five RT/Like entries will be counted towards a stake in any bounty week.
6. Tweet must include both @TrigIDorg and #TrigID and must be unique content.
7. Each retweet/Like must  be of recent content not be older than two weeks.
8. We reserve the right to invalidate any entry that doesn't meet the required standards.


100 - 500 Followers = 2 Stake per tweet
501 - 1,000 Followers = 4 Stake per tweet
1,001 - 2,000 Followers = 6 Stake per tweet
2,001 - 5,000 Followers = 8 Stakes per tweet
5,001 - 10,000 Followers = 10 Stakes per tweet
10,001+ Followers = 12 Stakes per tweet
RT/Like = 2 Stakes
Follow = 2 Stakes

Telegram 01.07.2018 - 03.09.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:


1. Bounty Hunters must be part of our official telegram channel to participate.
2. Bounty Hunters must be with the telegram community until the token sale ends.
3. If a bounty hunter is caught even once not wearing both Avatar and Website, stakes will not counted for that entire bounty week.
4. We reserve the right to disqualify a participant if we discover that he or she has not acted in good faith.


Joining Telegram = 10 Stakes
Wearing TrigID Avatar = 10 Stakes
Wearing TrigID Website on name ( = 10 Stakes

YouTube 01.07.2018 - 03.09.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

1. You must have a Youtube channel that focuses only on cryptocurrency to qualify for this campaign.
2. Each bounty hunter can submit only one entry for the entire campaign.
3. You must have at least 2000 subscribers to participate.
4. Your video must be at least four minutes in length.
5. We will accept videos in other languages provided they are of good quality.


2000+ subscribers will get 20 stakes
4000+ subscribers will get 40 stakes
8000+ subscribers will get 80 stakes
16000+ subscribers will get 160 stakes
32k+ subscribers will get 400 stakes.
PLUS: 10 bonus stakes with each 1000 views

Translation 01.07.2018 - 03.09.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

1. Chosen participants must translate the TrigID ANN thread, Bounty thread and whitepaper for their assigned language.
2. Before commencing their translation or moderation task, participants must DM the bounty manager and receive confirmation that they've been assigned it. 
3. Text must be written and proofread by humans. Translations generated with the help of automation tools (e.g., Google Translate) will be disqualified and are ineligible to participate in the Campaign.
4. Participants must moderate and update their assigned thread(s) with TrigID news and updates to the TrigID ANN thread on a weekly basis during the Campaign Period.
5. All assigned translations must be completed within ten (10) calendar days of assignment; failure to complete the assigned translation may result in disqualification from the Campaign.
6. Translations are required for the following language: Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Indonesian, Italian, Filipino, Turkish, Hindi, Dutch, Arabic, German, French, Vietnamese, Polish, Greek, Urdu, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian. Each language package will be awarded to only be one translator.


Whitepaper: 100 Stakes
ANN thread+Airdrop and Bounty Thread: 70 Stakes
Moderation/Management: 2 Stakes per Valid Post (TrigID-written posts only) 

Article 01.07.2018 - 03.09.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:


1. The article must be posted publicly on Medium.
2. The article must be grammatically correct and of high quality.
3. The content must be your own, new and unique and no part is to be copied from TrigID published resources. 
4. Participants may post a maximum of five articles during the Bounty Campaign.
5. Participants must have at least 2000 followers to participate.
6. The article contain more than 500 words and at lease two suitable images.
7. The article must include links to our website, Bitcointalk thread, official telegram channel and at least three of our social media accounts.
8. We reserve the right to reject any article if it doesn't meet the required standards. If we reject it, you'll be asked to improve or remove the article. Failure to comply will result in the loss of all of your stakes.
9. The 21 secondary tags at are amongst the suitable topics for an article. If you pick one of these tags, and are the first to publish an approved article that concentrates on it, you will receive a bonus of 20 stakes for it.  You must notify the Bounty Manager of the tag you're claiming immediatly your article is published, in order to receive your bonus.


per Article = 50 Stakes
1st 1000 claps = 20 Stakes
per subsequent 2000 claps = 40 Stakes 
Bonus Stakes:
Superior Article - 20 stakes
Top Quality Article - 50 stakes

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