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OZEX Bounty campaign

About OZEX Ended

Date: 12.06.2018 - 28.08.2018

Token Details:

  • Coin types: Erc20
  • Ticker: OZEX
  • Categories: Blockchain
  • Hard Cap: 170,000,000 $
  • Bitcointalk bounty: Topic Link
  • Bounty budget: 300,000,000 OZEX
  • Percent bounty: 5.7%
  • Bounty distribution: After ico


◎ 1- Fill the application form
◎ 2- 5.7% of the OZEX tokens are allocated to the bounty campaign.
◎ 3- You can join bounty campaign at any time during ICO. The bounty campaign will last till the end of the ICO. In order to receive the reward, you must participate till the end of the campaign.
◎ 4- Negative trust members i.e. using multi-accounts, cheating, using someone else work and spamming, multiple signature for the same users or any kind of unethical behavior for the sake to involve in fraudulent activities will be banned from the campaign and payment will be denied.
◎ 5- You should submit the application forms by 30th of August, and the airdrop will be made on 14th of September (Except Translation, KYC campaign and Telegram )
◎ 6- Each accepted campaign member is to receive the reward in OZEX tokens. 
◎ 7- The bounty manager can make slight changes in bounty campaign, if they consider it necessary.
◎ 8- All participants are required to join our telegram group (
◎ 9- We won't change the eth wallet you provided us. Don't lose the private key and don't get phished. Also, FB and Steemit & Medium followers, the moment you enter our campaign is final and won't be updated.

Bounty Allocation
○●○● Campaign 1: Signature— 10%
○●○● Campaign 2: Translations — 5%
○●○● Campaign 3: Content Creation— 20%
○●○● Campaign 5: Twitter — 20%
○●○● Campaign 6: Telegram — 10%
○●○● Campaign 7: Korean campaign —20%
○●○● Campaign 8: Registeration & KYC— 15%

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Facebook feed

Bitcointalk 12.06.2018 - 28.08.2018

Avatar, personal text and signature codes here: Topic Link

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

    ● Become an OZEX ambassador with Bitcointalk signature! / To become an ambassador, simply submit the application form first.
    ● Keep the signatures until the end of the ICO. Removing it at any time before the end of the campaign automatically renders you ineligible for rewards.
    ● You should post for at least 10 times per week: Copy & paste is not allowed, please write your own constructive opinion on topic.
    ● Posts must be at least 100 characters long
    ● If your rank change during the campaign, notify the Bounty Manager by emailing to
    ● Any user who gets a negative feedback from any DT2 will not be eligible for this campaign.
    ● We will check the posts to avoid spam and negative comments. Violation of our rules will lead to disqualification from participating in the bounty campaign.
    ● We will keep you updated when all the aiming targets are met.
    ● You should submit the form by 4th of September.
    ● Bounties will be made on 11st of September.

The number of participants is limited:

-Jr. Member – 10 participants
-Member – 10 participants
-Full Member – 5 participants 
-Sr.Member – 5 participants 
-Hero Member – 3 participants 
-Legendary– 3 participants 


-Jr. Member – 750 OZEX/week
-Member – 1000 tokens/week
-Full Member – 2500 tokens/week
-Sr.Member – 3000 tokens/week
-Hero Member – 5000 tokens/week
-Legendary– 7000 tokens/week

Twitter 12.06.2018 - 28.08.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

    ● Simply follow us, and share our words on Twitter.
    ● Please follow OZEX official Twitter first.
    ● Click ‘Like’ and retweet(Your account must be followed by at least 500 followers & has been created at least 3 months ago).
    ● When you retweet, please use at least 8 tags as following below: #OZEX #AustraliaICO #ICO #Airdrop #token #coin #cryptocurrency #investment #ethereum#blockchain
    ● Retweeting the same post for several times is not allowed.
    ● Please make sure that this is for whole through the ICO period, thus one person is eligible to re-tweets only 10 times. 
    ● You should submit the form by 4th of September.
    ● Bounties will be made on 11st of September.


Per re-tweets, 200 OZEX  will be given, and the maximum number of possible claim is 10.

Telegram 12.06.2018 - 28.08.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

    ● Simply join our telegram and be active!
    ● Join our Telegram group and stay until the end of OZEX ICO. Don’t leave or you won’t earn anything.
    ● Be talkative about OZEX in our Telegram group at least for a consecutive 5 days.
    ● Invite your friends into OZEX Telegram group who might be interested. Maximum 10 referrals per person.
    ● You should submit the Form by 4th of September.
    ● Bounties will be made on 11st of September.


Join our Telegram - 500 OZEX

Be talkative about OZEX in our Telegram group at least for a consecutive 5 days - 500 OZEX

Invite your friends into OZEX Telegram group - 200 OZEX per person

Translation 12.06.2018 - 28.08.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

     ● Simply read our whitepaper and re-create into your language.
     ● You may reserve a language by emailing to This translation bounty is first comes first system.
     ● We want you to help us translate into ; Chinese(Cantonese), Italian (italiano), Japanese(日本語) .ETC
     ● Send a translation version of OZEX whitepaper with your MyEtherWallet address to
     ● We will give you the bounty by July 22 after reviewing it.


     ● You will get 20,000 OZEX per laungage

Content Creation 12.06.2018 - 28.08.2018

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

    ● Simply create and share about our project on your Medium or Steemit channels.
    ● You should like or follow OZEX’s official Steemit or Medium page.
    ● Topic must be related with OZEX. Eg) Writing your own opinion or introduction about OZEX.
    ● Copy & paste is not allowed. Please write your own opinion and constructive on topic and a content should be at least 15 lines.
    ● When you make a posting on your private Steemit or Medium account, please add as many hashtags(#) as possible from below: #OZEX #AustraliaICO #ICO #Airdrop #token #coin #cryptocurrency #investment #ethereum #blockchain
    ● Copy & paste is not allowed, please write your own opinion. Re-posting the same content is not allowed.
    ● Per posting, 500 OZEX  will be given, and the maximum number of possible claim is 5.
    ● Only one platform can be chosen, one person can not participate on both platforms.
    ● You should submit the form by 4th of September.
    ● Bounties will be made on 11st of September.


1 post - 500 OZEX

Registeration & KYC 12.06.2018 - 28.08.2018


    ● Simply do Registration and KYC for a period of ICO.
    ● No matter the result of your verification, you can be participated automatically, if you register and apply KYC by 28th of August.
    ● We confirm that all of you have participated automatically by our website platform. You do not need to send forms or email for confirmation.
    ● Based on the MEW address you put in KYC, you will be paid in bulk after the ICO ended.
    ● You can only participate one time per person, and 500 OZEX will be distributed on 31st of August.
    ● If you do not certify to the KYC by the end of ICO, the provided token will be destroyed, if you have bought OZEX during our ICOs.


500 OZEX

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