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Codex Bounty campaign

About Codex Ended

Date: 21.06.2018 - 25.07.2018

Token Details:

  • Coin types: Erc20
  • Ticker: CODX
  • Categories: Other
  • Hard Cap: 25,000,000 $
  • Bitcointalk bounty: Topic Link
  • Bounty budget: 200,000 $
  • Bounty distribution: After ico


Codex  is starting its Official EarnDrop Program in order to reward its early users with CodexCoins.
$200,000 in CodexCoins will be allocated to the EarnDrop Program. 
The EarnDrop will run until the end of the Token Sale. The prizes will be paid within 60 days after the end of the Token Sale.  
REGISTRATION & RULES: all EarnDrop participants are required to:
Join the Codex Telegram group:

Pass KYC (this is required for legal reasons) This is very important and we can’t stress it enough: WITHOUT KYC YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY TOKENS
Note: KYC is not open yet but the procedure will be announced soon

Share campaign in:

Facebook feed

Bitcointalk 21.06.2018 - 25.07.2018

Avatar, personal text and signature codes here: Topic Link

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

1. Add signature of your level, avatar and personal text
2. Signature, avatar and personal text must be kept until the stakes have been calculated after the end of the TGE (allow around a week for these calculations)
3. A minimum of 15 meaningful posts per week must be made during this period. Off-topic, spam and meaningless posts will not count. 
4. Posts must have a minimum length of 70 characters
5. Participants must have at least Jr. Member rank in the forum
6. Members with red trust are NOT allowed to join this campaign.


Jr. Member:        1 stake/week
Member:            2 stakes/week
Full Member:      3 stakes/week
Sr Member:        5 stakes/week
Hero/Legendary: 7 stakes/week

Telegram 21.06.2018 - 25.07.2018


1. Invite @Awallon_X (member of our/your team) to the group
2. Post an information page about our ICO
3. Upload the screenshot (using imgur, postimage or similar) and report it in the thread with this format:

Link to Telegram post

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

1. A maximum of 7 posts per week is allowed in each group
2. Groups with fake members (invited without permission) will be disqualified


100-249 Members: 1 stake/post
250-749 Members: 2 stakes/post
750-2499 Members: 4 stakes/post
2500-9999 Members: 6 stakes/post
10000+ Members: 10 stakes/post
Extra stakes: Pin pitch post during the whole week and receive x10 stakes per week. You are not eligible to receive more stakes by posting pitch on daily basis if it pinned.

Contests And Lotteries 21.06.2018 - 25.07.2018


1. Artists contest
Prizes will be given to the X artists who submit the best entries (will be reviewed by Codex) in the following categories: 
-Photos: Tweet a photo of a work that you would register on The Codex with @codexprotocol #blockchainart. 
100 prizes of $20 each
-Reproduction of Codex logo in your usual art style: share on your Twitter account with @codexprotocol #blockchainart: 
20 prizes of $200 each and a 1st prize of $1,000
-Blog posts and videos about how you will use Codex: 
10 prizes of $200 each
-Crypto themed artwork: share on your Twitter account with @codexprotocol #blockchainart. 
20 prizes of $100 each
-Telegram sticker packs: 
3 prizes of $1000 each. 

2. Collectors contest
Prizes will be given to the X collectors who submit the best entries (will be reviewed by Codex) in the following categories: 
-Photo of something you own that you would register on Codex: share on your Twitter account with @codexprotocol #blockchainart. 
100 prizes of $20 each
-What you would buy if you had $500k of crypto: share on your Twitter account with @codexprotocol #blockchainart. 
100 prizes of $20 each
-Blog posts and videos about how why you would use Codex as a collector. 
10 prizes of $200 each

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

1. All creations are to be submitted using this form: and the participation must be confirmed in this thread by posting a message saying “I have registered in the XY contest and this is my link: ZZZ” (XY being the contest you are taking part in and ZZZ the link to your creation).
2. A maximum of 2 submissions per artist and category are allowed.
Lotteries will be announced regularly in this thread and in the main Telegram group. Stay tuned so you don’t miss them!
The 1st Round of the Lottery begins 21th June and will go on for one week (end date 28th June 23:59CET). Here is how you can participate:
3. Join Codex’s Telegram group:
4. Search for a 6-character code that starts with “CD” in the pinned message
5. Submit this form: FORM and confirm your participation in this thread by posting “participating in Codex Lottery round 1”
6. Staying in the Telegram group until the time of payment is mandatory. If at the time of the draw or any time afterwards the winners are found not to be there the prize will be forfeited and given to another participant. 
7. The prizes will be paid out after the end of the ICO, together with the bounty payments
8. The draw will be done using a provably fair open-source algorithm that will use the hash of the first BTC block mined after 13:00 CEST on the day after closing registration as the seed. Everyone will be able to verify these random numbers generated by the script on this site:
9. It is required to use an alias in Telegram, you might be contacted there for confirmation. 
10. Only one participation per person will be allowed. Anyone found trying to sign up with multiple accounts will be eliminated from this and any future contests organized by AmaZix.
11. Please ask any questions regarding the contest in this thread or in the AmaZix Rewards group (, NOT in Codex's Telegram group
A total of 100 prizes of $50 in CodexCoins will be drawn in this first round.

Bonus 21.06.2018 - 25.07.2018


10% of the tokens are reserved for rewards participants who go the extra mile and make a special effort to promote our Token Sale. These tokens will be assigned at the sole discretion of Codex (so we won’t accept any objections to how they are distributed).
Some activities that could be worthy of these tokens are:
-Content with an especially high quality or outreach
-Opening new channels for the promotion of the sale
-Above average activity in Telegram groups or ANN threads
If you feel like you have an idea for promotion that doesn’t fall into any category but would bring a high value, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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