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BookiePro Bounty campaign

About BookiePro Ended

Date: 09.06.2018 - 13.07.2018

Token Details:

  • Coin types: Erc20
  • Ticker: BookiePro
  • Categories: Exchange Data Service
  • Bitcointalk bounty: Topic Link
  • Bounty distribution: After ico

Bounty Manager:

  • Name: julerz12


bl4nkcode is the official escrow for this Bounty Campaign's Signature and Twitter campaign's bounty pool. 
A total of 2.9 BTCTC have been reserved to the bounty pool escrowed on this address: 
(BTCTC seen on this address also includes campaign management and escrow fees)

Quote from: bL4nkcode on June 08, 2018, 02:43:53 PM

This is bL4nkcode, confirming that I handle the funds of BookiePro Signature and Twitter campaign using this address.
Version: Bitcoin-qt (1.0)
Address: 1B1LK24QDDevJN4hojF4AfBE9KDsCooHMH

(Can be verified via


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Bitcointalk 09.06.2018 - 13.07.2018

Avatar, personal text and signature codes here: Topic Link


  • 2.625 BTC have been reserved for the signature campaign bounty pool
  • We are only accepting 100 Signature campaign participants:
    25 Members
    25 Full Members
    25 Senior Members
    25 Hero/Legendary
  • Wear the appropriate signature codes/avatar/personal text based on your ranks.
  • Join Official BookiePro's Telegram Group:
  • Sign up for the BookiePro competition:

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

  • Must wear BookiePro's Avatar (except for Member ranks), Signature & Personal Text
  • Must make 20 posts per week
  • Only 5 local board posts will be counted. Excess post on local boards will not be counted.
  • Posts must be on topic, constructive and contains at least 75 characters [Symbols (ex. @$!&^;#[)-=;#%*~ etc.) does not count].
  • Spam posts and any posts that we're deleted by mods will NOT be counted.
  • Posts in these sections/boards will NOT be counted:
    Signature Campaign threads
    Bounty Campaign threads
    Games & Rounds
    Off topic/Meta
    Politics & Society
    Beginners and help
    Investor based games
    Micro earnings
  • All Participants can enroll only 1 (one) account in this campaign.
  • Negative trust rated accounts will not be accepted.
  • Receiving a Negative trust rating while enrolled in this campaign will have you disqualified and will receive no payments.
  • All participants are NOT allowed to advertise any other company/websites/campaigns in their signatures other than BookiePro.
  • Any participant removing BookiePro's signature while enrolled in this signature campaign will be automatically disqualified and will receive no payment at all.
  • Post quality will be extensively validated per participant to ensure high quality posts via each participant's post summary.
  • Posts will be validated after every weekly deadline: Friday 23:59 UTC
  • Participants not completing the minimum required number of qualified posts per week will be immediately replaced.


Twitter 09.06.2018 - 13.07.2018


Rules, Terms and Conditions:

  • Twitter account must have at least 500 Real Followers verified via:
  • Twitter account must be 4 (four) months old, prior to the start of this bounty campaign.
  • Twitter accounts must be Open for Public access for us to verify your tweets/retweets.
  • Locked/Private/Suspended Twitter accounts will not be accepted.
  • Minimum Jr. Member account level and above only.
  • Tweets about BookiePro must contain a hashtag #BookiePro and this link:
  • Retweet only tweets made by the BookiePro official Twitter Account.
  • Minimum of 5 tweets and 2 retweets per week to qualify for weekly payments.
  • All Participants must have satisfied the qualifications/rules & tasks by completing the required number of tweets and retweets weekly to be eligible for weekly payment.
  • All Participants can enroll only 1 (one) Twitter account for participation.
  • Any participant enrolling multiple accounts will be disqualified and will receive no payment at all.
  • No payment will be given to those who submitted twitter reports but are NOT on the accepted participant's list.
  • Cheating by submitting/using past weeks tweets/retweet or duplicate links on reports will disqualified and will receive no payment at all.
  • Reports must be submitted at every weekly deadline once a week only
  • Reports submitted past the weekly deadline will NOT be accepted and will receive no payment
  • Participants not completing the minimum required number of tweets and retweets per week will be immediately replaced.

Submit twitter weekly reports on this thread once every week only using the format below:

Twitter Account link:
Week Number:


  • 500 - 2500 подписчиков = 0.0005 BTC/неделю
  • 2501 - 5000 Followers = 0.001 BTC/неделю
  • 5000+ Followers = 0.0015 BTC/неделю
  • Платежи будут производиться bl4nkcode каждую субботу (UTC).
    Неделя 1 Оплата [6/9 - 6/15]
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